Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Actresses

Chinese girls are one of the most beautiful and prettiest in the world, here is the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses in China

10. Dong Jie
Dong Jie is a Chinese actress and dancer.

9. Zhang Ziyi
Zhang Ziyi, sometimes credited as Ziyi Zhang, is a Chinese film actress and model. Chinese media have called her one of the Four Dan Actresses in China's film industry, along with Zhao Wei, Xu Jinglei and Zhou Xun.

8. Liu Yifei
Liu Yifei, birth name An Feng, legal name Liu Ximeizi, is a Chinese actress, model and singer. She holds United States citizenship.

7. Zhang Jingchu
Zhang Jingchu is a Chinese film actress. She graduated in Directing at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. Zhang was brought up in a middle-working-class family in the countryside.

6. Betty Sun (Sun Li)
Betty Sun or Sun Li is a Chinese actress. She first entered show business by participating in 2001's Star Search, held by Singapore's MediaCorp.

5. Li Bingbing
Li Bingbing is a Chinese actress and singer

4. Kitty Zhang (Zhang Yuqi)
Zhang Yuqi, also known as "Kitty Zhang Yuqi", is a Chinese actress. Her first major role was in Stephen Chow's 2007 Hong Kong film CJ7, which brought her media attention and kickstarted her acting career.

3. Gao Yuan Yuan
Li Bingbing is a Chinese actress.

2. Huang Shengyi
Huang Shengyi, also known as Eva Huang, is a Chinese actress and singer.

1. Chen Hao
Chen Hao is a Chinese actress, singer, and model.