Top 10 Female YouTubers of 2015

10. Channel: grav3yardgirl

9. Channel: IIsuperwomanII
Lilly Singh, also known by her YouTube pseudonym Superwoman, is a Canadian YouTube personality, motivational speaker and comedian. She has also taken part in rapping and film acting.
8. Channel: CaELiKe

7. Channel: CutiePieMarzia

6. Channel: lindseystomp

5. Channel: zoella280390

4. Channel: MichellePhan
Michelle Phan is an American make-up demonstrator and entrepreneur who became notable as a YouTube celebrity. Phan's YouTube channel has over 7 million subscribers, one billion lifetime views, and she has uploaded over 300 videos.
3. Channel: Macbarbie07
Bethany Noel Mota is an American video blogger from Los Banos, California. Starting with her YouTube channel, Macbarbie07, created in 2009, she rose to fame for her haul videos, in which she shows her fashion purchases via the internet.
2. Channel: Lady16Makeup

1. Channel: JennaMarbles
Jenna N. Mourey, more commonly known by her pseudonym Jenna Marbles, is an American entertainer and YouTube personality.