Top 10 Best Space Movies

10. Serenity, 2005
When the crew of the spaceship Serenity takes on two new passengers -- a young doctor and his unstable, telepathic sister -- they get much more than they bargained for. The two are fugitives from the coalition dominating the universe, and they will stop at nothing to reclaim the girl.
Director: Joss Whedon
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9. WALL-E, 2008
WALL-E is a 2008 American CGI science-fiction romantic comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and directed by Andrew Stanton. The story follows a robot named WALL-E, who is designed to clean up a waste-covered Earth far in the future.
Director: Andrew Stanton
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8. Starship Troopers, 1997
Starship Troopers is a 1997 American military science fiction action film directed by Paul Verhoeven and written by Edward Neumeier, originally from an unrelated script called Bug Hunt at Outpost Nine
Director: Paul Verhoeven
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7. Total Recall, 1990
Total Recall is a 1990 American dystopian science fiction action film directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone, Rachel Ticotin, Michael Ironside, and Ronny Cox.
Director: Paul Verhoeven
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6. Apollo 13, 1995
Apollo 13 is a 1995 American historical docudrama film directed by Ron Howard. The film stars Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, and Ed Harris.
Director: Ron Howard
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5. The Fifth Element, 1997
Good and evil battle for the future of 23rd century Earth in this visually striking big-budget science fiction epic. In the movie's prologue, which is set in 1914, scientists gather in Egypt at the site of an event that transpired centuries earlier.
Director: Luc Besson
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4. Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, 1980
The Empire Strikes Back, later released as Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, is a 1980 American epic space opera film directed by Irvin Kershner, produced by Gary Kurtz, and written by Leigh
Director: Irvin Kershner
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3. Star Trek, 2009
Star Trek is a 2009 American science fiction action film directed by J. J. Abrams, written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman and distributed by Paramount Pictures.
Director: J.J. Abrams
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2. Aliens, 1986
57 years after the original attack, Ripley and a crew of marines return to the planet to kill the remaining aliens that have slaughtered the colonists on the planet.
Director: James Cameron
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1. Alien, 1979
A ship sent to investigate an SOS distress call encounters an alien that begins to kill the crew members one by one.
Director: Ridley Scott
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