Top 10 Best ABC Shows of All Time

10. The Price Is Right

"Come on down!" "The Price Is Right" -- hosted by Bob Barker until 2007 and Drew Carey thereafter -- features a wide variety of games and contests with the same basic challenge: Guess the prices of everyday (or not-quite-everyday) retail items. Four contestants, all of whom are seated in one of the wildest audiences in daytime game-show history, are called to the stage to play a preliminary pricing round. That winner joins the host on stage for one of more than 70 different pricing games. After three such games, the contestants spin a big wheel -- hoping to get as close to $1 as possible -- in the "Showcase Showdown." The two highest winners of that round advance to the final, where prizes could be cars or roomsful of furniture. A trio of models presents the prizes.
9. The Brady Bunch

"The Brady Bunch" was a popular show during its original run in the 1970s. But, while it's still shown in reruns in the 21st century, it's now often mocked and thought of as being kitschy and corny. That is the vein in which it is treated on this "Pop Up Video"-style show because, after all, how could a mother of six with a dog (and infamous Cousin Oliver hanging around toward the end of the series) be so happy, perky and perfect all the time? According to this series, which uses graphical overlays over the original show to reveal what Carol Brady was really thinking, that may have just been a facade. For example, you'll find out what she was really thinking when she said things like, "Oh Alice, what would we do without you?" I'm guessing Mrs. Brady's "real" thoughts on that aren't as complimentary to the maid as the comment seems.
8. Three's Company

When two single girls need a roommate to share their Santa Monica apartment, they decide to offer a room to the guy they find passed out in the bathtub after the going-away party for their last roommate. Hijinks ensue.
7. Who's the Boss?

A funny and loveable father who tries to be the best possible for his daughter, and a hot tempered successful and upper-class businesswoman, who tries to be there for her son whenever possible.
6. Lost

5. Growing Pains

4. The Wonder Years

With a dry sense of humour and the insight one gains with maturity, a grown-up Kevin provides funny commentary on himself as a young boy trying to cope with the bizarre world of being a teenager.
3. Roseanne

A breakout hit at a time when they were few and far between, the series casts actors -- led by comedy star Roseanne -- who look like ordinary people. Beneath the show's barrage of caustic one-liners, the Conner family deals with everyday problems like juggling work and family, and trying to make ends meet.
2. Happy Days

The story revolves around eight youngsters and their friendship with each other. It traces their journey and development from college-going teenagers to professionals.
1. Modern Family

Three modern-day families from California try to deal with their kids, their quirky spouses and their jobs in their own unique ways, often resulting in crazy capers.