Top 10 Best Elizabeth Banks Movies

Elizabeth Banks is an United states celebrity, director and producer. Bankers made her movie debut within the low-budget self-sufficient film Surrender Dorothy, and it is noted for her roles in such movies as Wet Hot American Summer, These is probably not all those Elizabeth Banks nude or Elizabeth Banks nacked  Images, but you'll get Best Elizabeth Banks hot Movies.

10. Man on a Ledge, 2012

When disgraced ex-cop Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) steps into the ledge from the maximum floor of New York's famous Roosevelt Lodge, more than simply his life's at danger; he intends to get the town to the knees. There are a few very anxious individuals around with a few very big strategies to hide. As cops negotiator Lydia Spencer (Elizabeth Banks) attempts to speak Nick in in the ledge, she starts to suspect which he has a ulterior objective driving his activities.
9. Wet Hot American Summer, 2001

Intent on the final day's camp, while in the hot summer of 1981, "Wet Hot American Summer" follows a number of advisors who're each attempting to finish their own incomplete business ahead of the day ends. The whole summer season of pent-up sexual aggravations, conflicting post-traumatic stress, pending break ups and obviously, the skill show, all weigh heavily and groins of advisors and campers alike.
8. The 40-Year-Old Virgin, 2005

Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) is really an amiable single man who works out in a big-box shop. Residing solely, 40-year-old Andy usually spends his spare time playing video games and curating his action-figure selection. In spite of his age, Andy has not had sex, so his mates, like the laid-back David (Paul Rudd), push Andy in direction of the loss of his virginity. While trying to overcome his clumsiness around woman customers, Andy meets nearby store holder Trish (Catherine Keener), and so they start a tentative relationship.
7. Zack and Miri Make a Porno, 2008

Long term good friends and today room mates, Zack (Seth Rogen) and Miri (Elizabeth Banks) are buried inside a mountain of financial debt. In the event the electric power is switched off, they understand that desperate times call for desperate measures. They attempt to make an adult movie to increase some money. Even though they trust that having sex won't injury their friendship, their business proposal quickly becomes something a lot more.
6. Love & Mercy, 2014

While in the late 1960s, the Shore Boys' Brian Wilson stops touring, creates "Pet Sounds" and sets out to drop his hold on reality. Because of the 1980s, Wilson (John Cusack), underneath the sway of the controlling therapist, finds a savior in Melinda Ledbetter.
5. The Next Three Days, 2010

Life for John and Lara Brennan (Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks) is unpleasant after she's charged with a kill she says she failed to commit. 3 years later while battling with the needs of work and raising his son alone, John continues to be trying to set up her innocence. When her last appeal is refused, Lara becomes suicidal, forcing John to workout the only option he has left: Break her from prison.
4. Pitch Perfect, 2012

Student Beca (Anna Kendrick) understands she doesn't want to become a part of a clique, but that is wherever she finds out herself after coming to her new school. Thrust in among mean gals, nice gals and simply plain weird gals, Beca finds how the only thing they've in typical is exactly how well they sing together. She takes women from the group out of their safe place of traditional arrangements and into a whole world of amazing harmonic combinations in a battle to the top of college music competitions.
3. Walk of Shame, 2014

Meghan (Elizabeth Banks) is an aspiring media anchor in the cutthroat world of Los Angeles tv. After an audition on her desire work ends in failure, she goes out for an uncharacteristic evening of partying. The following morning, she awakes in a stranger's bed and hears a mobile phone message from her agent declaring that the job is hers if she make it across town by 5:00 pm. Stranded within an unknown area without money, phone or transportation, she races to the most important interview of her life.
2. The Hunger Games, 2012

In what was once North America, the Capitol of Panem maintains its hold on its 12 districts by pushing them each to choose a boy and a girl, called Tributes, to take part in the country-wide televised event known as the Hunger Games. Every citizen must watch because the youths struggle to the death until only one remains. District 12 Tribute Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) has little to rely on, other than her hunting abilities and sharp instincts, in an arena where they must weigh survival against love.
1. Pitch Perfect 2, 2015

It has been 3 years considering that the Barden Bellas (Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson) became the first all-female group to win a national name. All appears well until a botched Lincoln Center performance for that president results in a scandal that strips them of their performing duties, causing internal tension and strife. Using the world championships on the horizon in Copenhagen, Denmark, women must get act together for their one and only shot at redemption.