Top 10 of the World’s Most Powerful Kids

Meet the world’s 10 most powerful kids, ages 1 to 12 years, in politics, tech, finance, entertainment, sports, retail, and culture.

10. Phoebe Adele Gates

Phoebe Adele Gates is the child of world’s most wealthy person Bill Gates and Melinda Gates. Phoebe Gates is the most youthful daughter on the world’s richest person alive. She'll get her hands on a reported $10 million in inheritance. As Bill Gates has stated he will provide an undisclosed sum to each and every of his three children and contribute the remaining to charity.
9. Quvenzhané Wallis

Quvenzhané Wallis is an United states actress. She's recognized for her role as Hushpuppy in the drama film Beasts of the Southern Wild, for which she became the youngest actress ever and also the very first person born these days to obtain a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actress.
8. Kelly Xu

Kelly Xu is the first female winner ever crowned at Augusta National Golf Club. She has achieved what many female pro golfers are only able to aspire to achieve; the title of Augusta National champion. Xu won the Girls 9-and-under Division in the inaugural Drive, Chip and Putt Championship at Augusta National.
7. Leonor, Princess of Asturias

Leonor, Princess of Asturias is the elder princess of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain. Leonor is first within the line of succession to the throne.
6. Evan of EvanTubeHD

Evan may be the 20th-highest-paid YouTube celebrity, earning up to $1.32 million yearly. He reviews his toys and videogames for viewers. His fathar records him, adds some kind of special effects, then uploads the video.
5. Benji Brin

He is the child of the very most powerful tech couples, the Google co-founder Sergey Brin and 23andMe creator Anne Wojcicki.
4. Alexis Martin

A three year old girl became one of the most youthful people to ever be accepted in to the exclusive high IQ society Mensa - scoring the maximum number of points - 160
3. Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter is the child of rap artist Jay-Z and singer Beyoncé Knowles.
2. Margaret Laura “Mila” Hager

She is the granddaughter of former President of USA George W. Bush.
1. Prince George of Cambridge

Prince George of Cambridge is the elder child and only son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.