Top 10 Best Eva Longoria Movies and TV shows

Eva Jacqueline Longoria is an American actress, producer, director, activist and businesswoman. Longoria's career began in 1998, when she won the title of Miss Corpus Christi, and later began entering talent contests that led her to Los Angeles; shortly after, she was spotted and signed by a theatrical agent. Peoples always search for Eva Longoria nude or Eva Longoria nacked pics, but here you will get Best Eva Longoria Movies and TV shows. below is the eva longoria boyfriend picture.

10. The Dead Will Tell

Emily Parker (Anne Heche) is thrilled when her boyfriend, Billy (Jonathan LaPaglia), proposes to her with a beautiful antique ring. The joy is fleeting, however, when Emily starts seeing visions of the ring's previous owner (Leigh Jones), who she discovers was murdered years earlier. As Emily investigates further, she comes to believe that the dead woman is communicating with her in the hopes of bringing her killer to justice -- but as she gets closer to the truth, she may be in over her head.
9. Carlita's Secret, 2004

A woman (Eva Longoria) goes on the run after a shooting at a Miami nightclub leaves her as the prime suspect.
8. Without Men, 2011

Latin American women must fend for themselves when men join the war effort.
7. Low Riders

Lowriders is an upcoming 2016 American drama film directed by Ricardo de Montreuil and written by Joshua Beirne-Golden, Cheo Hodari Coker, Elgin James and Justin Tipping.
6. The Sentinel, 2006

A disgraced secret service agent battles to clear himself of a murder charge, leading him into conflict with his protege.
5. Cristiada, 2012

In late 1920s Mexico, retired Gen. Gorostieta (Andy Garcia) and his wife (Eva Longoria) watch their country degenerate into violent civil war when the government enacts a series of anti-clerical laws. Gorostieta is at first hesitant to join the rebels, known as Cristeros, until he begins to see the cost of religious persecution on his countrymen. Though the odds are against him, the general nevertheless transforms a ragtag band of rebels into a formidable fighting force.
4. Over Her Dead Body, 2008

A ghost tries to sabotage her former boyfriend's current relationship with a psychic. Stars: Eva Longoria, Paul Rudd.
3. John Wick, 2014

Legendary assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves) retired from his violent career after marrying the love of his life. Her sudden death leaves John in deep mourning. When sadistic mobster Iosef Tarasov (Alfie Allen) and his thugs steal John's prized car and kill the puppy that was a last gift from his wife, John unleashes the remorseless killing machine within and seeks vengeance. Meanwhile, Iosef's father (Michael Nyqvist) -- John's former colleague -- puts a huge bounty on John's head.
2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Jake Peralta, a talented detective, along with his diverse but carefree team, struggles when a new commanding officer, Ray Holt, is appointed to their precinct.
1. Desperate Housewives

Susan, Gabrielle, Bree and Lynette reside on Wisteria Lane, a suburb whose inhabitants are not what they appear to be. There is forever a secret waiting to be unravelled here.