Top 10 Best Hilary Duff Movies and TV shows

Hilary Erhard Duff is an American actress and singer. Hillary duff began her acting career at a young age, and quickly became labeled a teen idol as the starring titular character in the television series Lizzie McGuire. Hilaary duff began working on numerous projects with the Disney Channel, including the film Cadet Kelly (2002). Hliary duff later began work on an album, releasing the Christmas themed Santa Claus Lane (2002) through Walt Disney Records. Here you will not get hilary duff nude or hilary duff nacked or hilary duff hot pictures, but here you will get best Hilary Duff Movies and TV shows.

10. Beauty & the Briefcase, 2010

A fashion journalist (hilery duff) lands a corporate job for an undercover story about dating co-workers.
9. Cheaper by the Dozen, 2003

Tom finds his life turned upside down when he agrees to tend to his twelve children while simultaneously also coaching his football team.
8. What Goes Up, 2009

An emotionally damaged New York reporter (Steve Coogan) covers the Challenger launch, and afterward, he becomes close to a group of students whose teacher was killed in the explosion. As the kids work through their grief in passionate and often ludicrous ways, the reporter becomes entangled in their world of lies and misplaced sexual desires as they cast him as their new hero and teacher.
7. Raise Your Voice, 2004

After her brother (Jason Ritter) dies in a car accident, Terri (hillary duf) wants to leave her small-town life to attend a performing arts school in Los Angeles, but her father (David Keith) forbids her from going. Under the auspices of visiting an aunt, Terri leaves for L.A., but now she has to prepare for the school's talent competition while also keeping her secret from her father. Meanwhile, Terri's singing partner, Jay (Oliver James), is harboring a secret crush.
6. The Lizzie McGuire Movie, 2003

While on a holiday in Rome, teenager Lizzie is mistaken for a pop star. But when the glamorous life turns into reality, Lizzie must choose between the life of a famous icon or going back home.
5. A Cinderella Story, 2004

After her father dies, Sam's stepmother and stepsisters continually exploit her. She finds respite in a friend she makes online and decides to meet him at a school dance.
4. According to Greta, 2009

Greta is a young rebellious teenager who has seen the harsh realities of life. She plans to commit suicide but when she is sent to her grandparent's house, her life takes a surprising turn.
3. Human Nature, 2001

A philosophical burlesque, "Human Nature" follows the ups and downs of an obsessive scientist, a female naturalist, and the man they discover, born and raised in the wild. As scientist Nathan (Tim Robbins) trains the wild man (Rhys Ifans) in the ways of the world - starting with table manners - Nathan's lover Lila (Patricia Arquette) fights to preserve the man's simian past, which represents a freedom enviable to most.
2. Lizzie McGuire

Enter the world of Lizzie McGuire at your own risk, a world where the 13-year-old and her best friends Miranda and Gordo ride the roller-coaster existence of a middle schooler. Every day is a popularity contest, every class is a crisis and on top of everything else, Lizzie has to deal with her annoying little brother, Matt, and a mom who means well despite her nosey tendencies. You always know what Lizzie is thinking, and if she can't quite say it, you can be sure her animated alter ego will.
1. Younger

Liza, a forty-year-old single mother, pretends to be younger than she is, in order to find a job in her desired field of work.