Top 10 Best Eva Green Movies

Eva Gaëlle Green is a French actress and model. Eva greeb started her career in theatre before making her film debut in 2003 in Bernardo Bertolucci's controversial film The Dreamers. You can see eva green nude or eva green naked in the Dreamers movie. Below is the list of eva green movies and tv shows.

10. White Bird in a Blizzard, 2014
A teenager (Shailene Woodley) relishes her newfound freedom after her disturbed mother (evaa green) vanishes, but the strange facts of the disappearance soon begin to haunt her.
9. Womb, 2010

After her lover (Matt Smith) dies prematurely, a woman (eva gren) makes the controversial decision to bring him back to life by giving birth to his clone.
8. The Golden Compass, 2007

Lyra Belacqua is a young orphan who journeys to the far North, accompanied by Gyptians and an armoured bear. She is on a mission to rescue her best friend and other kidnapped children.
7. Perfect Sense, 2011

A chef (Ewan McGregor) and a scientist (Eva Green) fall in love amid a plague that robs people of their senses.
6. Dark Shadows, 2012

Rich playboy Barnabas earns the wrath of Angelique, a witch, when he breaks her heart. She turns him into a vampire and buries him alive. Two centuries later, Barnabas escapes to settle scores.
5. Cracks, 2009

Jealousy flares after the headmistress (eva grin) of an elite boarding school for girls becomes obsessed with a new student (María Valverde).
4. Kingdom of Heaven, 2005

In the twelfth century, blacksmith Balian travels to Jerusalem, a city seething with religious wars. What follows next is his transformation into a defending warrior who saves the city and its people.
3. The Dreamers, 2003

When majority of the students participated in the Paris revolution, Theo and his sister Isabelle felt content at their grand house. However, things change when both adopt a Californian student (eve green).
2. 300: Rise of an Empire, 2014

Xerxes sets out to control the major states of Greece with the help of his vast Persian army. Themistocles, the admiral of Athens, is forced to form an alliance with Sparta in order to save Athens.
1. Casino Royale, 2006

Special Agent James Bond embarks on a mission to prevent Le Chiffre, a mob banker, from winning a high stakes poker game. He is aided by Vesper Lynd, a British Treasury agent.