Top 10 Best Jim Carrey Movies

James Eugene "Jim" Carrey is a Canadian American actor, comedian, impressionist, screenwriter, and producer. Jum carry is known for his highly energetic slapstick performances. Jeam Carry first gained recognition in 1990 after landing a recurring role in the sketch comedy television series In Living Color. jim carey leading roles in major productions came with Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), Dumb and Dumber (1994), The Mask (1994) etc.., In 2013, jimcarrey appeared in Kick-Ass 2 as Colonel Stars and Stripes. Controversially, jim carreu retracted support for the film two months prior to its release.
Jim Carrey Net Worth: $150 million (2014),
How old is Jim Carrey: January 17, 1962

10. The Cable Guy, 1996

Steven befriends Chip, the person who installs cable at his new home. However, Chip wreaks havoc in Steven's life when he rejects their friendship.
9. Me, Myself & Irene, 2000

Rhode Island cop Charlie woos an alleged fugitive while dealing with his alter-ego Hank. His split personality disorder surfaces at the most unfavourable times as they journey towards New York.
8. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004

Joel and Clementine begin a relationship post a train journey together, unaware that they had previously been in a relationship-gone-sour, memories of which were clinically erased.
7. Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, 1995

Pet detective Ace Ventura comes out of retirement to investigate the disappearance of a rare white bat, the symbol of an African tribe. Needless to say, when Ace gets involved, all hell breaks loose.
6. The Truman Show, 1998

An insurance salesman discovers his entire life is actually a TV show and that even members of his family were mere actors. He then attempts an escape from his dreary life.
5. Bruce Almighty, 2003

A furious TV reporter demands an explanation from God for the injustice done to him. The Almighty gives him the power to run the world for a while, to teach him how difficult it is.
4. The Mask, 1994

Stanley, an easy-going bank employee, becomes a crazy green-skinned being who can bend reality after wearing a wooden mask, inhabited by Loki, a Norse god.
3. Dumb and Dumber, 1994

Two good-hearted but incredibly stupid friends stumble upon a briefcase. Unknown to them, it contains money that is intended for abductors with connections to the mob.
2. Liar Liar, 1997

A successful lawyer's entire career is built on the basis of lies. His life takes an ugly turn when his son wishes for him to not lie for a day and his wish comes true.
1. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, 1994

Ace Ventura, a private detective specializes in finding lost animals. When Snowflake, a football team's aquatic mascot goes missing, he is called to investigate. Will he save the big game?