Top 10 Best Renee O'Connor Movies and TV shows

Evelyn Renee O'Connor is an American actress, producer and director, known for the role of Gabrielle on the television series Xena: Warrior Princess (renee o connor xena).

10. Darkman II: The Return of Durant, 1995

Scientist Peyton Westlake (Arnold Vosloo) returns to his lab believing he has disposed of his nemesis, mobster Robert G. Durant (Larry Drake), who gave him the hideous burns that transformed him into his alter ego, Darkman. While Darkman is perfecting an artificial skin that will restore his old appearance, Durant inexplicably returns to torment him. Overcome by rage, Darkman disguises himself with the artificial skin, setting out to infiltrate Durant's world and bring him to justice.
9. Bitch Slap, 2009

Three bad girls, a stripper, a drug-runner, and a power broker, arrive in the desert to extort money from an underworld kingpin, but things quickly spin out of control as allegiances change (rene oconner).
8. Night Game, 1989

A Galveston, Texas, detective (Roy Scheider) finds a link between a pitcher's strikeouts and a throat slasher.
7. Xena: Warrior Princess - A Friend in Need (The Director's Cut) (renee xena)

6. Boogeyman 2, 2008

A killer terrorizes patients at a mental institution where a woman (Danielle Savre) tries to cure her fear of the boogeyman.
5. Alien Apocalypse, 2005

Astronauts (Bruce Campbell, renee connor) return from a deep-space mission to find that humans have been enslaved by giant alien bugs.
4. Follow the River, 1995

In 1750s Virginia, a tribe of Shawnee Indians abducts pregnant settler Mary Ingles (Sheryl Lee) and her two young children, while her husband (Tim Guinee) manages to avoid capture. Enduring her captivity with dignity, Ingles earns the admiration and love of the Shawnee chief, Wildcat (Eric Schweig). Even though she shares some of his feelings, Ingles still dreams of returning home. Plotting escape, she joins another prisoner, Gretel (Ellen Burstyn), when the time is right to make their move.
3. The Adventures of Huck Finn, 1993

Mischievous Huck Finn (Elijah Wood) is unnerved when his father (Ron Perlman), reemerging after years away, kidnaps him in an attempt to take away a $600 inheritance from his late mother. Fearing for his life, Huck fakes his own death and escapes. He soon runs into his friend, Jim (Courtney B. Vance), a slave fleeing his master. Together, the pair embarks on a raft journey down the Mississippi River, staying ahead of pursuers who blame the slave for Huck's alleged murder.
2. Beyond the Farthest Star, 2013

Pastor Adam Wells has an opportunity to achieve his dream of becoming a nationally syndicated TV evangelist, or restore his broken family when the national spotlight lands on his small Texas town.
1. Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena is a reformed warrior princess who travels around fighting evil. Gabrielle -- bard and friend -- keeps her company and helps her stay on the path of good. (renee o connor gabrielle)